Some of Projects,Executed during the last few years

No. Project Owner Main Contract Project Description Year
1 Council of Ministers, (Special Tasks Committee). Al Rawabet Co. Asphalt Paving Work - Leyah Security Road.  2007
2 Council of Ministers,(Special Tasks Committee).  Al Rawabet Co. Asphalt Paving Work, Troops Services’ Roads. 2007
3 Public Authority For Housing Welfare.  Arab Center Co. Asphalt Paving (New Housing Scheme).  2007
4 Ministry of Education.  Alghanim & Sons Co. Earth Work & Asphalt Paving (Several New Schools Contract). 2007
5 Ministry of Defense.  Kharafi National C0. Infrastructure, Earth Work & Asphalt Paving(Al-Jabber Air Base).  2009
6 N.B.K – HQ. C.M.B.C Co. New Car Parking, (Earth Work & Asphalt Paving). 2009
7 Ministry of Defense.  Alsanea Co. Earth Work & Asphalt Paving. Taxiway Maintenance.(Al-Salem Air Base). 2009
8 Ministry of Defense.  Kharafi National Co. New Roads.(Al-Jabber Air Base).  2010
9 M.E.W.  Alsanea Co. Excavations, Earth Works & Concrete   2010
10 Al-Sour Co.  Al Rawabet Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (Res. Complex). 2010
11 Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources.  Arab Center. Infrastructure, Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (Public Parks). 2010
12 Al-Shifa Pharma Co.  High Slant Co. Infrastructure, Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (New Factory). 2010
13 Ministry of Defense  Al Rawabet Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (Troops Access Roads-New Locations). 2011
14 Ministry of Education  Arab Center Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (Several Schools). 2011
15 Private Projects   Sketch Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving(Housing Scheme). 2011
16 K.O.C. Al-Ghanim & Sons Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (New Fields Macadam Access Roads). 2011
17 Ministry of Transportation. Canar Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving  2011
18 Ministry of Education. Ali Al-Ghanim & Sons Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (Car Parks & Play Grounds-New Schools). 2011
19 Kuwait Farmers Federation.  Al Rawabet Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (New Farms). 2011
20 Amery Dewan   (Royal Council)Bayan Palace.  Al Hani Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (GCC New Summit Hall-Roads & Parking). 2011
21 Ministry of Education.  Alghanim & Sons Co. Earth Works & Asphalt Paving (Maintenance Contract). 2012
22 Ministry of Public Works.  Mushrif Co. Asphalt Cold Milling, Deep Patching &Paving Maintenance. 2012
23 Ministry of Public Works  Kharafi National Co. Asphalt Paving and Milling with Asphalting Overlays. 2012
24 Kharafi VIP Villas & Residential Complex.  Al Rawabet Co. Landscaping Includes Access Roads, VIP Car Parking & Walkways. 2012
25 Private Villas Project.  Ali Alghanim Co. Earth works &Asphalt Paving, Walkways Interlock Tile Pavements.    2013
26 MPW - (Jahra Governorate). Kharafi National Co. Main Roads Maintenance Contract. Cold Milling & Overlay Paving, Deep & Skin Patching.  2013
27 KOC- PETROFAC New Oil Pipeline Contract-  Kharafi National Co. Earth Moving & Pipeline Filling, Macadam Service Roads & Asphalt Paving’s For Connections. 2013
28 Kuwait Airport  Barla Sport Co. Earth Work & Asphalt Paving.  2013
29 MPW.  Kharafi National Co. Wafra Highway, Maintenance Contract, 2013
30 Ministry of Interior. Aras International Co. Earth Works, Surface Filling & Leveling. 2014
31 MPW, Agricultural Roads at Southern Area of Kuwait Kharafi National Co. Earth Work & Asphalt Paving. 2015
32 Kuwait Petrochemical Industries Co. (Shuaiba Refineries). Flame Petroleum Services & Equipment Co,  Macadam Layers with Asphalting Access Roads. 2015
34 MEW – Sabriyah Power station. KCC Engineering Co. Supply of Gatch & Backfilling with Compacting in Layers. 2015
35 MPW. Kharafi National Co. Earth Work & Asphalt Pavement. 2015
36 Public Authority For Housing Welfare. ERESCO Subgrade & Subbase Earth Work.Sabah Al Ahmad New City. 2015
37 Public Authority For Housing Welfare. ERESCO Asphalt Supply & Paving.Sabah Al Ahmad New City. 2015
38 MPW – Jamal Abdul Nasser Road (Interchanges Maintenance) Ahmadiah Cont. Co. Pavement Milling & Transporting. 2015
39 MOD – Ali Al Sabah Military Academy. Al Rawabet Co. Pavement Maintenance Inside The Academy (Milling, Deep & Skin Batching, Re-Asphalting, Kerbing, Walkways, Road Marking & Road Signs, etc.). 2015
40 E.M.E.C. (International Company, O & G Specialists). Al Rawabet Co. Earthwork, Infrastructure, Concrete Floors/Slabs on Grade-, Interlock Walkways, Sheds & Asphalt Roads. (New Production Facilities for Manufacturing The Drilling Emulsifiers to The KOC Fields at Abdaly Area). 2015
41 Abdul Rahman Al Bishr & Zaid Al Kazmi Co. Al Rawabet Co. Sun City Complex, New parking Area – Earth Work, Kerbing, Road Marking, & Asphalting. 2015